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Beading and Bead Animals

Q: Where should I start, if I want to learn beading?
A: The easiest way to start beading is to get some beads and fishing line, and start practising with Bead Crocodile, pattern of which has all instructions you need for learning the beading tecnique of bead animals.

Q: What materials are needed for beading?
A: Information about beading materials can be found in Beading Material.

Q: Where can you find bead patterns?
A: You can find a few free patterns in Bead Patterns. You can order patterns for bead animals here.
Information about beading books can be found here.

Q: Can I send bead patterns by e-mail?
A: Unfortunately it takes lots of time to design bead models and make readable patterns of them, so I can't send my bead patterns for free. You can ask about patterns on sale by

Q: Is beading difficult?
A: No, after you have learned the basics. At first it takes some time to familiarize oneself with tiny beads and beading technique, but after that everything gets a lot easier.