Bead Beauty — Small Wonders for Every Day

Bead Beauty was born from passion for small and beautiful things, to creating something new and fulfilling dreams.

It all started with the pattern of bead crocodile… It was just amazing to see how tiny shining beads, one by one, formed a small and cute crocodile. Since then many other animals and creatures have got their shape from beads.

Nature and animals have always been my passion and with bead animals I have had the opportunity to combine my craft skills with the great ideas and forms of nature. Also dogs have always been close to my heart, and this has lead to a beautiful collection of beaded dog breed models.

This gallery introduces you to the fantastic world of beads. Some ideas for my work come from beading books but most of the models I design myself from the start.

And when the passion for beads finds you too, be welcome to visit my web shop for beads and accessories.

Welcome to the World of Beads!

NinaHNina Hänninen